Thursday, October 22, 2009


I really didn't want my 2nd post to be about religion, but it looks like it's going to be. It's not a can of worms I really want to open. I don't want this blog to come across like I'm trying to be controversial or just trying to get a reaction, so if it seems like I am, I apologise. What I'm about to talk about is something that has constantly popped up in my day to day thinkerating.

Anyway. I don't believe in God. I just don't, not any incarnation. But I'm cool with it if you do. I'm open to anything, and if one day I'm presented with spectacular proof that I simply can't deny, I'll high 5 those who do already believe and say "hell, you were right sport, I should have listened" and they'll say "don't say hell". But as of right now, I'm secure and happy not believing in God.

This however isn't going to be an article about whether or not God is made up, no no, this is a question that me and my friends have often asked.

How come so many comedians don't believe in God?

It seems to be a fairly common occurrence that stand up comedian's quite often don't believe in or have big problems with a higher power. From the likes of Ricky Gervais, Bill Hicks and Robin Williams to George Carlin, Bill Maher and Jon Stewart. They all often make a habit of pointing out why it all seems like fiction to them.
This has lead me to look a little closer to home and I've pretty quickly discovered that those around me who I consider funny fellas don't believe either. What a coinkydink

After thinking about it a fair bit, this is how I've summed it up...

Once you start to laugh at something it quickly begins to unravel and a strange amount of truth begins to present itself. It's kinda like if you're watching a bad movie and you know it's bad but you don't want to admit it, but you make that first out loud mock and WHOOSH the flood gates open and it's open season. You start to see the movie in all it's bullshit glory and that movie is busted. So yeah, it seems the same sort of thing can happen with religion, you have a bit of a laugh about it "of course the snake could talk to Eve, it wasn't until 1785 when the snake talking ban was put in place that they stopped.......silly billy!" But once you've put one part under the funny microscope (they have those) you start to see the ridiculousness of it all, which raises questions that ultimately can't be answered and thus busts open the whole shibang.

I'm not saying that you need to be funny to see the truth, but it sure seems to be quick way of conjuring up some very important thoughts and questions. To borrow a line from comedian Lewis Black, "I like the concept of Faith, except I have these thoughts……and thoughts can really fuck up the faith thing." For me, that is so true.

Now laugh at these silly buggers...

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  1. Hey Ryan,
    That's funny, just tonight I was watching some Bill Hicks stuff on yuchoob... particularly how his entire act was cut from Letterman in '93 just before he died, because of his Pro-Life and Jesus jokes.
    Then in Jan this year Letterman invites Bill's Mom on to apologise for it 16 years later and plays the entire clip for the first time... random..? or not? It was interesting to say the least. Speaking of interesting, the film 'Zeitgeist' has an interesting take on the bogusness of Religion.